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Smart interactive whiteboard

> 65/75/86-inch 4K DLED display with Zero Air Gap technology that delivers a clear image in sharp, vivid colors.

> Wireless screen sharing from multiple devices with an intuitive, easy- to-use system.

> 8 physical front buttons for quick access to functions.

> Multiple ports and front full-featured Type-C supports 65 W charging.

> Smooth writing experience that supports handwriting recognition.

> Quick file sharing by scanning a QR code, with easy file encryption for added privacy and security.

> Switches between Android and Windows, and OPS module is optional.

> Optional USB camera that takes photos in 48 MP resolution.
Data sheet
Dahua ST470


55/65/75/86 inch Smart Interactive Whiteboard

> 4K HD display.

> Supports using both Android and Windows (PC module must be installed).

> Wireless screen sharing from multiple devices, such as phones, computers, and tablets.

> Supports being written on with a stylus.

> Supports Office software, and playing videos and audio files.

> The startup channels are all customizable.

> Wired and wireless network support.

> Built-in 5-MP camera.

Data Sheet
Dahua LCH-MC410-B